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Bloglines for Beginners

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Please note that you need to be able to access your email during this session in order to activate your edublogs account. If your not able to do so you may wish to create a new account at Yahoo or Hotmail.


Email Kevin Clark, kclark@remc11.k12.mi.us


Using Bloglines

Bloglines is a news aggregator...it collects and organizes RSS feeds which you can read from anywhere.


Why should educators use Bloglines?

  • Save time: Stop visiting your favoriate sites...Bloglines brings them to you.
  • Professional development: Keep up-to-date on the experts or colleagues.
  • Keep track of changes to your class wiki.
  • Monitor student posts to your blog.
  • Share class events.
  • What else? (Log in and edit this page!)



RSS Info


  • Search for feeds using Feedster.
  • Or use Technorati to search for blogs...which publish RSS feeds.


User Suggestions

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