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Michigan 8th Grade Technology Literacy – FAQs March 1, 2005


This page was completely copied from http://www.techplan.org/FAQsTechLiteracyRequirement.pdf


The portion of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act known as 'Enhancing Education Through Technology Act of 2001' (E2T2) has a goal: To assist every student in crossing the digital divide by ensuring that every student is technologically literate by the time the student finishes the eighth grade, regardless of the student's race, ethnicity, gender, family income, geographic location, or disability.


The Michigan Department of Education has received numerous requests for clarification on this goal of the No Child Left Behind Act. In an attempt to alleviate any undue concern regarding the State and Federal requirements, we have developed the following frequently asked questions:


  • What standards should a district use to form its basis for a technologically literate student? The Michigan Department of Education is developing new technology standards that will be based on the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) standards. You may review the draft version of the standards at http://techplan.org. The draft standards will be available for public review and comment until March 18, 2005.


  • Will the State of Michigan require schools to administer a formal assessment to determine if their 8th grade students are technologically literate? No. The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) has no plan to require a school district to administer any type of assessment to test for technology literacy skills. The local district will make the determination of how student technology literacy is determined.


  • Will a school district be required to report the progress of their 8th grade students’ achievement of technology literacy by the end of school year 2005-2006? Yes. The current plan is that you may be required to certify in MEGS (Michigan Electronic Grant System) that you are working toward the goal that every 8th grader is technologically literate and possibly report the percentage of your students who are technologically literate.


  • Will MDE provide districts with a definition of a “technologically literate student?” It is recommended that districts use the following as defined by the State Education Technology Directors Association (SETDA):
“Technology literacy is the ability to responsibly use appropriate technology to communicate, solve problems, and access, manage, integrate, evaluate, and create information to improve learning in all subject areas and to acquire lifelong knowledge and skills in the 21st century.”


  • Will MDE provide districts with any guidelines or suggestions for measuring student technology literacy? Yes. We are aware that there are various methods that can be used to demonstrate technology literacy. Some suggestions and related links are:


Knowledge based assessments:
Performance based assessments:
Portfolio based assessments:
  • Student reflective narratives
  • Collection of artifacts
  • Digital or paper portfolios


  • Will MDE require some type of formal authentication? No. No formal MDE authentication procedure is envisioned at this time. Federal requirements, if imposed, may require authentication in the future.


  • What documentation will be expected from MDE? It will be up to the district to determine the most efficient method for documenting the technology literacy of their students. Documentation, at a minimum, should be able to disaggregate data to the individual student level.


  • What are the consequences if a district does not certify in MEGS? There is no indication at this time that failure to certify the technology literacy levels of 8th grade students will result in a reduction or loss of federal grant funding for the district.


  • Is there a web site that we can reference for additional information regarding technology literacy? Yes. Please visit: http://techplan.org/literacy.html for links to a wide variety of sites relating to technology literacy.



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