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Page history last edited by Kevin Clark 12 years, 3 months ago

Blogs, Wikis, and Web Tools



The number of new tools on the Internet grows everyday.  Here are a few that may be useful to principals and office staff.


Add some new information.


Make a wiki at PBwiki.


Start blogging on Wordpress.com.


Other Tools 



Easy to use concept mapping tool...great symbol selection.



Use this for touching up and resizing your digital images.


Google Docs

Online documents, spreadsheets, presentations.



If you think Google Docs is something, take a look at Zoho.


30 Boxes

A great calendar that can be shared with many.


Remember The Milk

If you're organized...you'll love this to-do list.


I Want Sandy

Along those same lines...email reminders etc.


Create A Graph

Do you ever have data to share?



Share web resources.


Fun Stuff


Motivator Generator

Create your own motivational poster.



Upload a picture and make it talk...you can miss your next staff meeting.




Keep an eye on...



Online presentation tool.



Great resource site for new online tools.






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