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User roles in WordPress

Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 5 months ago

Blogs created on WordPress.com can now include users that don't also manage WordPress.com blogs. Users can have several different roles:

  • Administrator

    An Adminstrator can do everything!


  • Editor

    An Editor can ublish Posts/Pages and can also Edit or Delete existing Posts/Pages. Editors can also moderate/delete comments. Basically, Editors can do what Adminstrators can with regards to blog content.


  • Author

    Authors can publish and edit/delete their own Posts, but can't edit or delete the Posts of others. Authors also can't create new Pages.


  • Contributor

    A Contributor can write a Post, but it won't be Published until approved by an Editor or Administrator. Contributors can't delete posts. This is perfect for student bloggers.


  • Subscriber

    Subscribers are a member of the blog, but can't really do anything.

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