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Using Digital Images

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Your Questions

  • How to edit pictures...cropping, contrast, color adjustment etc.
  • Resizing
  • Saving/Sharing
  • Specific camera features...did you bring your manual?


Picture Taking Tips

  • Take more pictures with your camera so you'll know how it behaves.
  • Top 10 Tips for Great Pictures from Kodak
  • Tips & Tricks from Olympus
  • If you're taking pictures of students for publication be sure you have a release form signed by their parents.
  • Lighting
    • Use the flash outdoors for people...it helps eliminate facial shadows cast by a bright sun.
    • Use a low ISO setting for bright light (outside). Set it higher when the light is low.
    • Take the picture both ways, flash on and flash off...you're not going to run out of film.
    • Don't use the digital zoom. Use the optical zoom at its maximum level and get closer.



Picasa Is a free tool from Google that contains the photo editing tools that more expensive applications do...and it's FREE! Picasa also serves as a photo album and organizer.


Photo Gadget

There's nothing like receiving an email with pictures so large that you have to scroll to see them in their entirety. Before you commit the same faux pas use Photo Gadget to resize your pictures quickly. You don't even have to open the pictures, just right-click and you're done.


Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements is the son of granddaddy image editing application Photoshop. The nice thing about Elements is that there are approximately 4,861 less options than Photoshop which makes it more appealing to novices. In addition, there are several step-by-step guides or recipes to help users through common editing steps.



Now that you've taken several photos you need to let the world see them. Flickr is an online tool that allows you to post your images up on the web for FREE. With Flickr you can:

  • Upload and edit your photos
  • Set privacy levels to allow only certain people to see your pics
  • Add notes and comments to each image (so can others if you allow it)
  • Organize your photos into groups or albums

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