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Web Conferencing Prices

Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 2 months ago

Here is pricing information I received from the vendors.



Contact: Pierre Charlebois, pierre.charlebois@webtrain.com

604.408.0027 X245


Per minute pricing pre-purchase:
100 hours$0.18/participant minute$972
1000 hours$0.14/participant minute$7,560
10,000 hours$0.10/participant minute$54,000



Per-seat unlimited use, price per month; one year contract:
10 Seats$36$360/month
50 Seats$27$1350/month
100 Seats$22.50$2250/month


Also from WebTrain...

"We can set you up as a reseller, meaning you could make a bulk purchase and redistribute the time to several districts or schools. Our entry level for resellers is 1000 hours @$5400. This is a very attractive per minute rate of 9 cents per minute. You could then add an up-charge or leave the price the same as you see fit."


"If you had just 5 schools interested they could get in for just $1000 each."



Adobe Breeze

Contact: John Schuman, jschuman@adobe.com or Steve Cronin, scronin@adobe.com


These are Excel spreadsheets which were quoted for Michigan Tech. Pricing would be similar for ISDs/REMCs.




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